Friday, October 5, 2012

A New Painting

Here is something new for me, a painting that is pretty big - about a metre high. This has popped up a few times in my facebook posts, and now I think it is finally finished. Here are some closeups:

So now I have put together all the paintings I have done this past year and realise it has built up to quite a few, and now I am ready to let them go. I have been selling limited edition prints of my work, but if anyone is interested in purchasing an original, I am soon going to setup a section in my big cartel shop with paintings for sale. I will post more about this soon!


  1. A really nice picture. Love all the work with textures and details.

  2. this is really nice. thanks for sharing all the details. wow!!

  3. What a lovely painting. I saw this on Illustration Friday and it really shone out.

  4. Wow- very beautiful! I love the colors and the details!

  5. Wonderful colours and textures :)


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