Wednesday, November 23, 2011

IF : Vanity

I am not big a fan of the fascinator...


  1. Really cool! (I had to look up Fascinator) The patterns and color combination are great. She does not look happy, even with a cute bird saying nice things in her ear.

  2. thanks for having a look and commenting Cindy :)
    yes, she is not too happy, wanting to be told how beautiful she is yet not believing it herself - vanity is not a good place to be I am thinking!

  3. Love the colors and your dynamic lines.

  4. Brilliant! I don't like them either, I think they look silly. Your picture is fantastic, I love the look on the bird's face!
    Jess xx

  5. very unique.. interesting shapes and pattern!

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  7. Love it!

    If this were a cloud of thought instead of an ornate "look at me" head dress, i would relate to it.


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