Monday, July 26, 2010

Why they are on my Blog List.

I have wondered A LOT whether this blogging thing was for me. I already spend too much time at my computer working, and before now have rarely used my internet connection for anything other than work related stuff. As much as I always thought I would be in touch with the world, the voices of my parents and grandparents have come out of my mouth, going on about how much things have changed and how I can't keep up, and what's the point of communicating with strangers over the internet. But I was wrong.  Because then when I ventured into reading peoples blogs it opened me up to a world of everyday people that I didn't know existed, who are as passionate about art as I am. Starting my blog has helped me to begin to live my passion, and inspired me to actually do something more than dream. I love the work of the people on my blog list because they have a unique style that they communicate so well in their work. Here some of my favourite pieces...

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