Saturday, April 17, 2010


For a perfectionist like me (probably the biggest hurdle I have to get over with my art), I love how printmaking removes you from your work. Rather than putting paint directly to paper, you do it through another process.

There are a few different monoprinting methods, here I used trace monoprinting.  This is where a thin layer of ink (but I used acrylic paint) is rolled onto a glass surface.  Paper is lightly placed over it and then drawn or marked onto the back with a pen or sharp object.  The ink from the plate transfers onto the front of the page.  The effect is a dark outline, with some areas where the ink lightly transfers adding depth to the image.

Oil based ink is the traditional medium for printmaking, and the results are cleaner with less smudging, but I am going to add paint to these prints and turn them into paintings.

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